Halston Sage Is Hella Fine

So there was this “next big thing” Event series on NBC called Crisis which really failed to be much of an event despite an impressive cast and a relatively interesting if convoluted plotline, it did however introduce me to the talents of one Halston Sage.


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Anna Hopkins Is Awesome

Anna Hopkins is a Sci-Fi queen, how else would you describe someone who has managed to appear in Shadowhunters, The Expanse, Defiance and Dark Matter.


That is leaving out her recurring stint in CW’s Arrow which is more superhero than Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Her biggest role of those was probably recurring on Defiance the massive transmedia project from Syfy that had an mmo shooter game as part of its shared universe.

You can follow Anna Hopkins on the following Social Media:

Twitter: AnnaBananaHops

Instagram: AnnaBanana_Hops

Cara Buono Is A Babe

If you’ve missed out on Stranger Things you should rectify that quickly, the way it tells a story if so demonstrably different from 3/4 of all scripted TV. Cara Buono plays Karen Wheeler the put upon wife and mother of Karen and Mike but she’s popped up in a lot of other TV shows I followed including Person of Interest.

740full-cara-buono (1)

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Cierra Ramirez Is Really Cute

I was recently checking out Lifetime movies and came across two Ten: Murder Island and Drink, Slay, Love. Cierra Ramirez stars in the latter which is some of the cheesiest TV I have ever seen. It was wonderful and definitely worth a watch. Ramirez is known for The Fosters which I’ve never checked it out but heard good things. So read on for photos and then stay for Social Media links.

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Jessica Lu Is Just Lovely

I’ve been doing this for a few years now so I actually have to check which actresses I have and have not featured. I had assumed that I had already spoken of Jessica Lu’s beauty much earlier than this. First saw her on MTV’s Awkward which is just full of gorgeous and talented women but a little hard to watch at times.

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Emeraude Toubia Is Elegant

And that is not just about that rather cool name of hers. If you’re not watching Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments in which she stars I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is a huge step forward in the teen supernatural stable of storytelling. The actors are all solid and the show is engaging and this comes from someone who didn’t read the books, though I did read “The Infernal Devices”. Go check her out in this show she’s magnetic. Let’s check out some photos below.

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