Angela Zhou Is Amazing

Chinese born New Zealand actress Angela Zhou is an up and coming actress who recently appeared in Supergirl.


She definitely should have had more screen time but there was a lot of issues with the last season of Supergirl. She also had roles in shows like Hell On Wheels and Stitchers though I can’t immediately recall what she did in the latter.

You can follow her on the following Social Media

Twitter: @MsAngelaZhou

Instagram: @MsAngelaZhou


Kiara Glasco Is Gorgeous

Kiara Glasco has the most haunting blue eyes.


Definitely an asset when you have to play a young witch with incredible powers on a show about werewolves, seriously Bitten was crazy, crazy fun but that can often happen when an urban fantasy series gets adapted for TV especially aimed at a Canadian market. Seriously WATCH that show people, had a fairly good run too so you get to watch a proper journey.

Check out a gallery of the Canadian actress below then stay for her Social Media.

You can follow Kiara Glasco on the following Social Media:

Twitter: @KiaraGlasco

Instagram: @Kiara.Glasco

Hayley Law Is Lovely

Hayley Law is someone you might recognise from hit show Riverdale.


What I didn’t know is that she is also a singer with material out there if you want to go take a listen. I’m more of a TV person myself so I find myself surprised when I saw her pop up in a very interesting role on Netfix show Altered Carbon. I’m hoping that I’m going to see her pop in more things as it seems like she might not be on Riverdale.

Check out some more images of the Riverdale star.


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