Chelan Simmons Is Cute

Chelan Simmons is someone I have crushed on for a decade now and followed through a fair few shows and films. Being blonde and beautiful in Hollywood must be a crazy competitive place to be but Simmons always had a special something. Probably the first time I ever ‘shipped’ a character against what went on inevitably to happen in a show was in Kyle XY where I wanted Kyle (played by) to get with Hillary (Simmons’ character). There are probably fan fictions out there if I could be bother to look.

I watched Chelan in Kyle XY, The LA Complex, Final Destination 3 (damn) and  Tucker and Dale VS Evil. I hope to see her in more stuff I see now she is doing a lot of work on Lifetime. Anyway check out her some photos of her below and then stay for her Social Media info.

You can follow Chelan Simmons on the following Social Media:

Twitter: @ChelanLSimmons

Can’t find an Instagram

Mackenzie Porter Is Lovely

I just discovered her checking the new Sci-Fi Time traveling drama Travelers on Netflix. Another one of the seemingly endless parade of cuties from Canada. That is the first thing I’ve seen her in I’ve checked (IMDB is your friend). I just really think her eyes are dreamy. Yep I said it! Check out the photos below.

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Kirsten Prout Is Cute As Hell

Kirsten Prout is an interesting footnote in my TV viewing history as she played the perfect would be girlfriend on Kyle XY a show I really fell in love with. I’m surprised I hadn’t featured her before as unfortunately she has seemingly been limited to a number of made for TV film roles and the odd indie movie.

Anyway she is breathtakingly beautiful as you can see from the photos. Stay till the end for her Social Media contact info.

You can follow Kirsten on Twitter @kcprout and Instagram @kcprout

Elizabeth McLaughlin Is Stunning

I just saw those blue eyes on Lethal Weapon and had to look closer only to realise that I knew the actress from a small recurring role on Pretty Little Liars as a mysterious young woman with a secret, you know the usual if you have ever seen PLL. The only thing I would say about her appearance on Lethal Weapon is that it seems she would be a bit young to be the wife’s friend but then I guess their might have just been an age gap between Murtaugh and his wife.

Anyway enough of that let’s move on to the gallery.

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Missy Peregrym Is Mighty Fine

I really became a fan of Missy Peregrym after seeing her in Stick It which was a gymnast film from back in 2006 even before seeing her do her thing briefly on Heroes and then later on in Reaper which was a pretty cool show that didn’t get a proper chance to finish. The last thing I saw her in was when I managed to track down web series Cybergeddon which I would definitely recommend as a great film if you watch it in one go. Check out some pictures of her below.

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Ashley Johnson Is Ace

I am perhaps new to the party when it comes to Ashley Johnson, the voice talent and actress has been gathering a sizeable following thanks to AAA video game The Last of Us and her current role on NBC’s Blindspot but in fact the actress has an extensive career, I got tired just scrolling through all of her stuff on IMDB. I also can’t mention her without taking the time to highlight Critical Role where thousands of people tune in online to watch people play a D&D campaign.

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Violett Beane Is Gorgeous

I’m a fan of the Arrowverse and Supergirl if you weren’t already aware so I was always going to get to a few of the wonderfully talented actresses that appear in those shows. In The Flash she plays Jesse Wells aka Jesse Quick because as Harry states she’s smarter than he is.

Yes the Arrowverse can be a little ham fisted with getting in DC superhero and supervillain names for the sake of creating buzz but in this case (if you were interested) it looks like they are following through the introduction of a female speedster who might make it past an episode.


Anyway you don’t come here for CW news that would be weird so check out some photos of the young actress below and then stay for her Social Media links.

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