Cierra Ramirez Is Really Cute

I was recently checking out Lifetime movies and came across two Ten: Murder Island and Drink, Slay, Love. Cierra Ramirez stars in the latter which is some of the cheesiest TV I have ever seen. It was wonderful and definitely worth a watch. Ramirez is known for The Fosters¬†which I’ve never checked it out but heard good things. So read on for photos and then stay for Social Media links.

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Jessica Lu Is Just Lovely

I’ve been doing this for a few years now so I actually have to check which actresses I have and have not featured. I had assumed that I had already spoken of Jessica Lu’s beauty much earlier than this. First saw her on MTV’s Awkward which is just full of gorgeous and talented women but a little hard to watch at times.

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Emeraude Toubia Is Elegant

And that is not just about that rather cool name of hers. If you’re not watching Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments in which she stars I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is a huge step forward in the teen supernatural stable of storytelling. The actors are all solid and the show is engaging and this comes from someone who didn’t read the books, though I did read “The Infernal Devices”. Go check her out in this show she’s magnetic. Let’s check out some photos below.

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Stephanie Bennett Is Stunning

Stephanie Bennett is a Canadian actress who manages to move chameleon like from role to role. I was watching The Julius  House РAurora Teagarden, an adaption of one of my favourite murder mystery books and went on to IMDB to see who this stunning actress was.


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Courtney Ford Is Cute

Courtney Ford is that actor I saw in things every now and then but never managed to see her in a starring or recurring role of note, still she’s had quite the career and in recent years I’ve definitely taken more notice especially of those amazing eyes.


Check out some of her photos below.

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Johanna Braddy Is Beautiful

This week is all about Video Game High School (seriously WATCH IT) star the talented Johanna Braddy. VGHS was the first thing I saw her in but looking through her IMDB page shows that the Atlanta born actress has been prolific with an acting career that spans 13 years.

Check out the photos below and stay for the Social Media Deets.

You can follow Johanna Braddy on the following Social Media Platforms.

Twitter @JohannaEBraddy

Instagram @thejohannabraddy

Brooke Hogan Is A Babe

I didn’t really know a great deal about Brooke Hogan until I happened upon her reality show which I confess I watched a few episodes of the most prominent in my mind being the one where she agreed to go out on a date with a girl. I also went on to watch her in a pretty solid B-Movie called Sand Sharks. The latest I heard is that she is embarking on a country singing career.

So let’s get to the photos.

You can follow Brooke Hogan on the following Social Media:

Instagram – @MizzHogan

Twitter – @MizzHogan