Portia Doubleday Is Pretty Perfect

Portia Doubleday does crazy good work on Mr. Robot despite my problems with watching a show for a possible payoff in season 5 if it doesn’t get cancelled I can respect that it is trying to tell an interesting if possible overly complicated story. That wasn’t my first viewing of Doubleday in a major role as she starred in Youth In Revolt which was an odd dark comedy to be sure. So go check that out later after you feast your eyes on the photos below.

Portia Doubleday is on the following Social Media

Twitter: @PortiaDd

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Christa B Allen Is Beautiful

Sorry for the late posting been a busy and painful week (dentist visit) but we need to talk about Christa B Allen. I know her for Revenge a thoroughly modern spin on the Count of Monte Cristo which started strong and then went all network on us in my view. The show lasted for five seasons and we got to see some growth of the character Charlotte who Allen played. Check out some photos of her below and then stick around.

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Athena Karkanis Is Amazing

Athena Karkanis has recently been on my screen, she appeared on Ransom and as soon as I saw her I knew she’d been on a show that I follow after checking more I realised it was The Expanse that I probably recognised her from though she also appeared in several episodes of Lost Girl. Athena has also appeared as voice talent in a number of animated shows and video games including World of Warcraft, which I play too much but that is another story. Check out some photos of the Canadian actress below.

As far as I can see Athena isn’t on Twitter or Instagram.

Brit Morgan Is A Badass

Brit Morgan is an actress with a solid TV show history, she’s always popping up in guest or recurring roles on my screen. When she’s around she generally in the bad girl roles like her turn on Graceland though the last show I saw her on was Law and Order Special Victims Unit and that was a very different role and a pretty good episode as it goes. You may have seen her most recently in CW’s Supergirl as the Supervillain Livewire. Check out some photos of her below and then stay for Social Media links.

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Twitter: @MsBritMorgan

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Dichen Lachman Is Delicious

Dichen Lachman is an Australian actress with an impressive and varied career who I first saw in Dollhouse but have almost lost count of the shows I have seen her in since then. She’s beautiful and exotic and very talented you should go check out her run on Dollhouse to see a great example of that. Check out some photos of her below and then stay for her Social Media links.

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Zelda Williams Is Wonderful

Zelda Williams does a lot of cool stuff, though I have only seen her stuff recently. Not sure from memory but IMDB tells me the first thing I saw her in was MTV’s Teen Wolf and then she went on to voice big bad Kuvira in The Legend of Korra. 

I got to see her in a starring role in Freeform’s short lived Dead of Summer in a really strong role but the show itself suffered a few problems. Still as a one and done season it is definitely worth checking out.

Check out below if you want to see more.

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Sami Gayle Is Sensational

Sami Gayle is a young actor who I have only seen in one thing and that one thing wasn’t all that great. The film in question was Vampire Academy a film adaption of a best selling YA novel all about (may have guessed this) vampires at an academy. The books are pretty good the film, well it is best not to talk about it.

The one high point for me was Sami who played a character called Mia, it was just the look with the pixie cut and blonde hair that did it for me (not her fangs, that would be totally weird) so I checked out her IMDB page to see if I have seen her in other things. I’ve not though she has a sizeable role in Blue Bloods which is a police drama set in Boston I think.

You can follow Sami Gayle on Twitter @GayleTweets8