Maddie Hasson Is Pretty Cute

Maddie Hasson popped up on my radar on the ABC Family show Twisted which pretty much seemed to be their “stab” at an original Pretty Little Liars style show. Very attractive pseudo teenagers. Check. Old crime that is felt even today. Check. New murder. Check and check. As a show it started out pretty strong and I had high hopes but after the first half for me at least the show crumpled like a formula one car hitting a wall at 200 there was just nothing there and the love triangle, hexagon whatever was just blown out of any and all proportion and just made it hard to watch.


Needless to say it got canned pretty soon though it did give us another look at Avan Jogia which I am sure people appreciated. The show also gave us Maddie Hasson who impressed me acting wise especially how much little she had to work with it was pretty much 80 angst and unrequited love but she kept her character pretty damn likeable.,Hasson also went on to appear in The Finder which I think was a Bones spinoff it too didn’t make it past the first season.

Check out the photo gallery below.

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Twitter – MaddieHasson

Instagram – MaddieHassonOfficial

Emma Ishtar Is Exceptional

I’ll be honest with you ladies and gentleman, Stitchers on Freeform sold me on the inclusion of Allison Scagliotti in a major role in a Science Fiction show. I didn’t know if it would be any good or if it would even finish out its run but with Scagliotti on board I was going to give the show a chance.

The 1st few episodes left me wondering what I had got myself into but there was one thing that was clear the star Emma Ishtar is breathtakingly gorgeous I mean the sort of thing that makes you sit up and pay attention to the point of breaking you out of the moment and having you think more about the actress than the show.

That’s certainly down to me and not the show which after seeing two seasons is definitely worth watching if you like your Sci-Fi with a little YA flavouring mixed in, lots of perfect looking young people as well as the ‘adults’ of the cast, good grief have you seen Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Black don’t crack). Anyway we’re only talking about one gorgeous cast member today and that is Emma Ishtar who is Australian by the way (that accent seems pretty good on the show to me but then I’m not American) check out the photos below and then stay for Social Media contacts.

Quelle Surpise!!! She used to be a runway model. Anyway if you want to follow Emma Ishta Model turned Actress:

Twitter: @EmmaIshta

Instagram: @EmmaIshta


Bex Taylor-Klaus Is Badass

Well at least she plays pretty Badass women on TV and I can certainly get behind that idea. I had to check with my old friend IMDB which let me know that I first saw her on Arrow, though she recurred on House of Lies apparently after I stopped watching that show.

Anyway even with her amazing run on Arrow it is MTV’s Scream: The TV Series that gave her a starring role in an ensemble piece. If you’ve not seen it I would describe Scream as like PLL but with actual payoff and better writing. Anyway you’re not here for my TV reviews you’re here for photos and also Social Media contacts.

You can follow Bex Taylor-Klaus.

On Twitter: IBexWex

On Instagram: bex_tk

AnnaLynne McCord Is Back

A silly title she never went away but the last time I saw her in a role was when she was in the Lucifer Pilot as the Hollywood Star  whose murder spurred the Fallen Angel into action. I saw her most recently in an episode of Beauty and The Beast on the CW, I’m not sure why I’m still watching it either though it is at least partly to have a quick perve at Nicole Gale Anderson who is super cute and worth checking out too.

Enough from me though check below for the photos.

Her Official Twitter: @IAmAnnaLynneMCC

Her Instagram: @theannalynnemccord

Molly Tarlov Is Mesmerising

There are many wonderful things about Awkward although the show always inconsistent to me. There was no end of interesting characters and very beautiful actresses. Molly Tarlov comes under both of those with her character Sadie is only 2nd to Jillian Rose Reed’s Tamara.

So sit back and check out some photos of her below they were not as easy to track down as some of her co-stars😦

You can follow Molly Tarlov on the following Social Media.

Twitter: @MollyTarlov

Instagram: @Molly Tarlov

Greer Grammer Is Great!

Greer Grammer is a stone cold hottie. I wasn’t surprised when I did some research and found out that she was a beauty queen. She is definitely one of the highlights of the MTV show Awkward where she plays Lissa.

I think her photos speak for themselves thank goodness she attends so many red carpet events.

Greer Grammer is on Instagram @Greer_Grammer you can find her on Twitter @Greer_Grammer

Alycia Debnam-Carey Is Incredible

I remember when CW’s The 100 was a little known show that was very much in danger of getting cancelled and then the whole Clexa thing really took off in a huge way on Social Media. A lot of that was down to Alycia Debnam-Carey’s Lexa despite the way she often betrayed and screwed over the Sky Cru the fans loved her you could get lost in all the posts on Tumblr about it. Then when the last season finally came out after an extended delay we saw how the Clexa situation was resolved and the Internet went a tiny bit crazy.

Still for fans of Debnam-Carey herself you can still check out out on Fear The Walking Dead.

You can follow Alycia Debnam-Carey on Twitter and Instagram

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