Vanessa Lengies – Canadian Cutie

So back when I watched Glee and the character Sugar was introduced I instantly recognised her from a previous role but could not immediately figure out where. Eventually I traced it down to a movie I had probably seen about a year so before Sugar’s appearance. The movie was Stick It and featured Vanessa as a gymnast along with Missy Peregrym another Canadian Cutie. She was also in Archie’s Final Project which is one of the weirdest films I have ever seen I recommend it thoroughly though Lengies isn’t in it for much of the time. Anyway enough with the backstory now on to the gallery.

vanessa_lengies_3_stick_it_2006_1_d30Afc4 vanessa_lengies_3_stick_it_2006_2_mqaEitl at Teen People's Young Hollywood Celebration. Cabana Club, Hollywood, CA. 08-13-05 vanessa_lengies_chuck_connelly_art_opening_idM9bkw vanessa_lengies_pre_emmy_party_2011_ePQT6vU Vanessa Lengies vanessa_lengies_vanessa_booty_3PplrZy vanessa_lengies_vanessa_lengies_stick_it_promo_pic_5__VuS60Ig


Twitter: @littlelengies


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