Perfect Pia Mia

Pia Mia is a singer-songwriter, actress and model known for a cover of “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake. I know her mainly because of one picture that I refer to as  The Goddess of All Jailbait which you can see below.



She is friends with Bella and Kylie Jenner apparently as well as Jaden Smith. This girl is gorgeous and very talented it seems. Check out the images and links below.

0ef21fe623f111e2bf2722000a1fbc66_7 2d65b8c8f2e311e1a0d522000a1ea015_7 692951ba0b6d11e2a78c12313804ce91_7 i24yRKNlScy2E pia_mia_perez_90d92eaa9d9b11e1ab011231381052c0_7_BFEznVS tumblr_mc9b3at5cf1re6m0oo1_500


Official website

Twitter @princesspiamia

Youtube Pia Mia Perez

Instagram princesspiamia


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