Cassie Steele Is Awesome

For me Cassie Steele was as one of the stars of the Canadian show that came out of nowhere to be snatched up by the CW, the show in case you were wondering is The LA Complex it lasted two short seasons and was an interesting show despite some flaws. Cassie is a singer/actress from Toronto, Ontario in Canada and as you can see from the pictures below extremely photogenic. Most people know her Degrassi: The Next Generation which was a huge Canadian show.

tumblr_mzz8laLNBe1qi2n5uo1_1280 tumblr_mz89wjIVHO1s2v9uio2_500 tumblr_myewpq3WnE1qzedkmo1_500 cassie_steele_sexy_red_bikini_top_in_destructo_doll_photoshoot_a8GoVri cassie_steele_hot_tart_Y5w0fxZ cassie_steele_bikini_facebook_picture_july_31_2012_a286BR8

You can follow her on Twitter @cassandrasteele and Instagram @cassandrasteele


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