Deborah Ann Woll Is Wonderful

Deborah Ann Woll is probably best known for her role in HBO’s True Blood where she played Jessica Hamby. Most recently she is being seen on Netflix where she plays Karen Page on Marvel’s Daredevil.

Deborah is a striking beauty with her usually red hair and impressive height, she was the reason I stayed with True Blood to the end despite the random way the latter seasons went. Her character was engaging and her chemistry with Ryan Kwanten was electrifying.

I’m too early into my run of Daredevil to have a proper view of Karen as she seems to have more than a few secrets but I can say I am enjoying the show a lot. Enough of my TV reviews though let’s go to the gallery.

3c5DaredevilPremiereinL deborah_ann_woll_16th_annual_screen_actors_guild_awards_in_los_angeles_january_23_2010_uhq__NbZo4Yg deborah_ann_woll_cute_1iA1JSr deborah_ann_woll_entertainment_weeklys_5th_annual_comic_con_celebration_23july2011_6_T5ayh0z deborah_ann_woll_hbos_true_blood_season_3_premiere_arclight_hollywood_june8_2010_9_4fgl9FG deborah-ann-woll-at-netflix-australia-and-new-zealand-launch-party-in-sydney_8


You can follow her @DeborahAnnWoll on Twitter

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