Elena Satine Is Exotic

Elena Satine AKA the only thing worth watching on Revenge at the moment. Did you know she was on Smallville? Something I only noticed when I was doing the research for this piece. I think she has something about her I mean look at her role the fact that she makes Louise somewhat fun to watch is a testament to her charisma for more than it is indicative of the role or the show.

600full-elena-satine (1) 365294 elena_satine_elena_satine_11_JOu7LON elena_satine_elena_satine_17_1wrKWwT (1) elena_satine_elena_satine_20_5WqRFWB elena_satine_elena_satine_26_usINdZe elena_satine_elena_satine_45_xR8GG4Y Elena+Satine+Magic+City+Premiere Elena-Satine-Bikinis-on-Revenge-02-1200x900

Elena has an verified Twitter account so you can follow her @ElleSatine


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