Elyse Levesque Is Underrated

The title says it all the Canadian actress has that classic beauty that meant she could have been a screen siren of the 40s and 50s and we’re lucky enough to have her here. She popped up on my radar on Stargate Universe a show with good ideas but lacking in execution. It was so much more serious than the previous shows and I do not think that the audience was ready.

I can remember she got a lot of hate for the actions of her character on the series, wow that was just the beginning of social media really moving events along I think half the cast had to try and step in to remind people what reality was and the rest were scared off Twitter altogether.

The next and last thing I saw her in was CW’s The Originals (We don’t have time to talk about that show) I hope to see her on a show on my To-watch list soon. Take a look at her below.

Amazingly after that SGU stuff you can follow Elyse Levesque on:

@AtLeastLevesque on Twitter

@AiyaBadModel on Instagram



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