Sandy Sidhu Intrigues Me

I don’t usually do this, and what ‘this’ pertains to is seeing an actress in a single episode of a thing and then immediately thinking to myself that I want to feature her on here. I think a lot of what attracts me to an actor is the character they portray, Sidhu played a no nonsense publicist just shy of evil on Supernatural a show that has never found it difficult finding beautiful women to cast.

Even though earlier I said I saw this episode and immediately had to feature her it is not the first time I have seen her even if I do not remember her appearance in Stargate Universe. So anyway that is enough from me check out a gallery of her photos and then stay for her social media accounts. Happy Holidays in whichever way you do or do not celebrate them.

Twitter: @Sandy_Sidhu

Instagram: @SandySid


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