Sami Gayle Is Sensational

Sami Gayle is a young actor who I have only seen in one thing and that one thing wasn’t all that great. The film in question was Vampire Academy a film adaption of a best selling YA novel all about (may have guessed this) vampires at an academy. The books are pretty good the film, well it is best not to talk about it.

The one high point for me was Sami who played a character called Mia, it was just the look with the pixie cut and blonde hair that did it for me (not her fangs, that would be totally weird) so I checked out her IMDB page to see if I have seen her in other things. I’ve not though she has a sizeable role in Blue Bloods which is a police drama set in Boston I think.

You can follow Sami Gayle on Twitter @GayleTweets8

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