Hilary Jardine Is Hot

So you may or may not know of my interesting relationship with the show Zoo. The show is based on a novel turned series by James Patterson and I read the novel before the show came out so I was a little annoyed by all the changes made to the plot for TV but I stuck with it and it got renewed. Then it got renewed again and somewhere along the line I started liking how absolutely nuts the show was.


So this season Hilary Jardine joined the show in what I guess is a recurring role and I realised she was familiar, I saw her recently on Van Helsing which I am not too sure about as a show to be honest and certainly have yet to make it through the first season. I think she’s a solid actor who definitely had an easier time of it on Zoo even as crazy as that show is compared to Van Helsing which looks like it cost $100,000 a season let alone an episode. Anyway let’s check out some photos.

You can follow Hilary Jardine on Twitter @HilaryJardine


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