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Danielle Campbell Seems Delightful

Danielle Campbell is a gorgeous green eyed brunette known for CW’s The Originals and appearing most recently on Hulu show Marvel’s Runaways. On The Originals she played a teenage witch unlike the ones you might be used to from your youth and went on to become a central figure in the show recurring over several seasons as well as returning from the dead.


She’s set to appear in High School comedy F*** the Prom which should be coming out this year alongside Madelaine Petsch so I’ll definitely be on  the lookout for that. Have a look at some more of her photos below and then check out her Social Media links.

You can follow Danielle Campbell on the following Social Media

Instagram: @thedaniellecampbell

Twitter: @daniellemcam

Anyone else find that she reminds you of Jenna Dewan-Tatum? Answers in the comments.


Laura Harrier Is Lovely

Laura Harrier is definitely underrated she does a lot with only the little she got to do in Spider-Man: Homecoming. 


She’s not got a long IMDB resume so I’ll just have to keep an eye out to see what she does next.

You can follow Laura Harrier on the following Social Media:

Twitter: @LauraHarrier

Instagram: @LauraHarrier

Virginia Gardner Is Gorgeous

Marvel’s Runaways could well be my show of 2017. It’s got an ensemble cast and what I mean by that (because that could mean different things) is that we spend almost equal time with a wide range of characters all of whom could be described as leads. Never read the comic this show is based on but I know a little about the team. I might pick it up in the January sales.


Virginia stars as one of the members of the Runaways in a really interesting role. I’ve also seen her in Project Almanac, Law and Order SVU and a dearly departed show called Zoo.

You can follow Virginia Gardner on the following Social Media:

@VirginiaGardner on Twitter

@GinnyGardner on Instagram

Erika Daly Caught My Eye

Erika Daly is an up and coming actress that I saw very recently in Bad Kids of Crestview Academy, the sequel to Bad Kids Go To Hell. That original film is itself based on a graphic novel which I haven’t managed to check out yet. Both films are B movie horror at its most hilarious.


I can’t say much about the characterization of Erika’s character but she was a lot of fun to watch so I was all in. Going to keep tabs on her career and check out more of her stuff for sure.

Go check out some images of her below and then stay for her Social Media.

Follow her on Twitter @ErikaDaly

Follow her on Instagram @ErikaDaly20

Valorie Curry Is Underrated

Valorie Curry is someone I first became aware of during The Following were she played part of an underground group of killers, the show is worth checking out if you missed out on it first time around but it went off the rails a little I think because they were never sure about renewal.

She’s so gorgeous I was surprised I had not seen her in more things but over on my other job I saw she’s cast in an upcoming film so I might check out her IMDB and see more of her resume.

Check out her gallery and Social Media links below.

Instagram @ValorieCurry

Twitter @ValorieCurry