Abigail Spencer Is Awesome

Sorry Star Gazers for us being missing last week just had to many things to get done before this. I’ll try my best not to have it happen again and have some stored about stars so if I’m away the feed doesn’t stop posting.

Anyway on to the subject of today’s post Abigail Spencer, an actress I have seen on my screens off and on for over 10 years starting with Angela’s Eyes. SuitsĀ was the next thing I saw her in before I stopped watching that show because it is so depressing. She’s been lately on my screen though in NBC’s Timeless, which got cancelled and then uncancelled which is pretty cool for me because for me it is a cheesy Sci-Fi guilty pleasure.

Have a look at the gorgeous Abigail Spencer below and then stay for her Social Media.

Twitter: @AbigailSpencer