Amy Davidson Is Agile

Amy Davidson was always a very special actress for me. I remember watching 8 Simple Rules probably a little after it came out originally but not to far because I can remember that it was the first time I saw a young Kaley Cuoco who I later saw in Charmed and then of course on The Big Bang Theory.

With Kaley in the older sister role I think she was meant to hold the attention of the younger male audience when they weren’t laughing at the shows humour but I always had a thing for Amy Davidson’s character, that hair, that body plus she had that rebel, alpha female thing going on.

The only other thing I have seen Davidson in was a brief appearance on Criminal Minds so I just had to check her out on Social Media. Check out some pictures of Amy Davidson below.

Amy Davidson 09 Amy Davidson Green Dress Amy Davidson 8 Simple Rules Amy Davidson White top amy_davidson_looking_sexy_recent_photoshoot_DC90bBI amy_davidson_photoshoot_VrzHMwZ amy_davidson_twitter_yoga_cYSkk6H amy_davidson_twitter_yoga_sATGV5P Amy-Davidson-Feet-1542854

You can follow Amy Davidson on Twitter @amy_davidson

You can follow her on Instagram through @amy_davidson

She also has a newly relaunched website here