Caity Lotz Is Cute

Have you seen her with the freckles showing ohmigod. Seriously she is great, I first saw her on the short lived Death Valley. It was a very weird comedy series featuring a police department that had to deal with vampires, zombies and werewolves. It only lasted 12 episodes or so but if you have free weekend it is worth the time.

After doing some research I noticed that Caity started out as a dancer which would explain that impressive physique of hers that I saw on CW’s Arrow¬†where she played Sara Lance, The Canary and she was amazing. She’s back doing a new version of The Canary in DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow which is looking pretty good.

Enough of me talking let’s go to the pictures.

968full-caity-lotz caity_lotz_esq_13_caity_lotz_lady_gaga_052311_xlg_dL9jtEY caity_lotz_tumblr_lhd5lcsd621qhyxbuo1_500_fRBRL4a caity_lotz_tumblr_llnq8ycmxu1qbmigq_tZSqakz Caity+Lotz+Machine+World+Premiere+2013+Tribeca+GM8JpjrRIkal caity-lotz-header

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