Chelan Simmons Is Cute

Chelan Simmons is someone I have crushed on for a decade now and followed through a fair few shows and films. Being blonde and beautiful in Hollywood must be a crazy competitive place to be but Simmons always had a special something. Probably the first time I ever ‘shipped’ a character against what went on inevitably to happen in a show was in Kyle XY where I wanted Kyle (played by) to get with Hillary (Simmons’ character). There are probably fan fictions out there if I could be bother to look.

I watched Chelan in Kyle XY, The LA Complex, Final Destination 3 (damn) and  Tucker and Dale VS Evil. I hope to see her in more stuff I see now she is doing a lot of work on Lifetime. Anyway check out her some photos of her below and then stay for her Social Media info.

You can follow Chelan Simmons on the following Social Media:

Twitter: @ChelanLSimmons

Can’t find an Instagram