Dayle Mcleod Is Delightful

Dayle Mcleod just has something special about her. I would say that she has the ability to really make you feel for a character. Case in point I wasn’t much interested in her character Beth on The L.A. Complex at the beginning I was pretty back and forth on the show as a whole in its second season it was a little bleak. Somehow I got really invested in her struggle to bring up her little brother. And no it wasn’t just because she’s hot the character was well written and the little brother was adorable so I got sucked in even if I was mad at the show that Chelan Simmons left after the first season.

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dayle-mcleod-at-tj-scott-in-the-tub-photoshoot-2013_3 Dayle-McLeod-Feet-1247726


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o.O That photoshoot though. I am seriously wondering if I should put up a warning to prepare people for that. Anyway if you want to follow Dayle Mcleod you can do so on Twitter @Dayle_Mcleod