Holland Roden Is Ravishing

Teen Wolf came out of nowhere for me, it was a show I really wasn’t expecting much given its lineage and this massive change they were making but the show went on to become one of my favourites.

Holland Roden was a big part of that she played a nuanced teenager in a show that spent a lot of time in High School, you know how unlikely that is. All too often those shows are just about labels, the hot one, the smart one, the bitchy one etc. for both boys and girls within the school but Jeff Davis did something more with the characters on Teen Wolf.

Holland also brought a hell of a lot to it and I would recommend that show to fans of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, check out some pictures of the alluring and talented redhead below.

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Holland Roden==Elle Magazine And Sarah Hyland Hosts Songbirds MISS ME Album Release==Sunset Marquis Hotel, Los Angeles, Ca==August 09, 2012==©Patrick McMullan==Photo Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/patrickmcmullan.com====

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