Jadyn Wong Is Just Wonderful

Jadyn Wong is gorgeous and talented to get some idea how talented you could sit and think for a moment on how many ethnically Asian leads in major network shows there are. She can currently be seen on Scorpion which is a cool little action show that I really hope goes the distance.

Anyway let’s move on from politics and on to Jadyn’s career, I really only became aware of her when I started watching Scorpion but after a little research I figured out I probably saw her in a couple of other shows. For those of you who are wondering the shows in question are Lost Girl and Caprica I’m sure I watched the episodes but can’t quite place appearances, she was also in Being Erica but I gave up that show before she appeared on it seemingly.

Most recently Jadyn Wong appeared in the Canadian Sci-Fi/Horror Debug opposite Jason Momoa. You can check out her pictures below.

600full-jadyn-wong 2014-07-17_14.18.28 jadyn-wong CBS, CW, Showtime Summer Press Tour 2014 Wong, Jadyn

You can follow her on Twitter @JadynJWong