Jenny Wade Is Just Wonderful

The other night I was continuing on my Epic Quest to catch up on The Thrilling Adventure Hour Podcast and I was listening to one of their panels when a name that sounded vaguely familiar came up as one of the guests that appeared on several Thrilling Adventure Hour shows.

That name was Jenny Wade and after consulting our good friend IMDB I realised where I had seen her from she was the hot, hot demon from Reaper. Let me remind you through the medium of images as not everyone watched Reaper which could be more than a little hit and miss when it was on.

jenny_wade_beautiful_and_sexy_actress_jlp6TQo jenny_wade_beautiful_hq_KKOajqI Red Eye premiere jenny_wade_gorgeous_actress_from_feast_and_reaper_Kp00caw Monster in Law feast premiere 130906 jenny_wade_short_skirt_Kw7z3Fn

You can follow Jenny Wade on her Twitter @jenny_wade