Lovely Liza Lapira

Liza Lapira is one of those actresses that you see and when you do you think to yourself I’ve seen her in something before and can’t immediately put your mind on what show it is.

Then you go check out their IMDB page and get your mind blown from all those shows you probably have seen her in and yet can’t remember. Arguments can be made for whether that is a good or a bad thing I can see both points.

Something I won’t brook arguments about is that Liza Lapira is beautiful and talented. If you’re too lazy to go to IMDB to check out her filmography some of the shows I’ve seen her on include NCIS, Dexter and Dollhouse.

Check out her pictures below.

Liza-Lapira-Feet-724807 liza_lapira_2008_10_06

liza lapira 02



Liza Lapira


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