The Daring Luisa D’Oliveira

I’ve had a pretty fun weekend indulging one of my favourite hobbies, watching B movies and specifically disaster flicks. One of the best things about disaster films is the actresses in my opinion as a lot of the time you will see a lead and think “I know them from somewhere” and then wait till the end to IMDB them so you can stop it bugging you.

I had a moment of that while making my way through this disaster weekend when I saw the lovely Luisa D’Oliveira in Seeds of Destruction and then saw her again in Mega Cyclone. Of course the second time around I knew who she was she’s hard to forget with that whole exotic girl next door thing she manages to do. As you can see from the pictures below Luisa D’Oliveira is not someone you easily forget.

600full-luisa-d'oliveira (1) 650x366_TW_Luisa_image 968full-luisa-d'oliveira (5) DSC3091 Luisa_099 luisa-doliveira-303971l

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