Maddie Hasson Is Pretty Cute

Maddie Hasson popped up on my radar on the ABC Family show Twisted which pretty much seemed to be their “stab” at an original Pretty Little Liars style show. Very attractive pseudo teenagers. Check. Old crime that is felt even today. Check. New murder. Check and check. As a show it started out pretty strong and I had high hopes but after the first half for me at least the show crumpled like a formula one car hitting a wall at 200 there was just nothing there and the love triangle, hexagon whatever was just blown out of any and all proportion and just made it hard to watch.


Needless to say it got canned pretty soon though it did give us another look at Avan Jogia which I am sure people appreciated. The show also gave us Maddie Hasson who impressed me acting wise especially how much little she had to work with it was pretty much 80 angst and unrequited love but she kept her character pretty damn likeable.,Hasson also went on to appear in The Finder which I think was a Bones spinoff it too didn’t make it past the first season.

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