Seychelle Gabriel Is A Smokeshow

Direct quote from Internet Personality William Haynes. Also very true, I first became aware of thanks to Avatar The Last Airbender, that is the film not the series. I liked the film not entirely down to Seychelle as I thought it was a good attempt to bring an animated series to life. I get though that the Avatar TLA fanbase is more than a little possessive over their favourite show.


Seychelle had a large role in Falling Skies as the likeable Lourdes who went through a host of changes as that show progressed if you’re a fan of Sci-Fi and can get through the first season which is a little umm loose then you will be rewarded with a good show.

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seychelle_gabriel_seychelle_VZEodoH seychelle_gabriel_seychelle_gabriel_the_spirit_aGzhXwU "The Last Airbender" New York Premiere seychelle_gabriel_seychelle_DzK8x3v "The Spirit" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals seychelle_gabriel_hardly_magazine_SeBhyxo seychelle_gabriel_hardly_magazine_CBZB9IU seychelle_gabriel_hardly_magazine_5Cp84d4

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