Tammin Sursok Is Terrific

Tammin Sursok is one of the current generation of Australia actors invading the US, like the sizeable British contingent of actors that we still see from time to time on major US shows even if half the time we don’t notice.

Anyway back to Tammin who made a name for herself stateside doing work on The Young and The Restless a show I used to watch way back in the day before her 150+ episode run. The show I and many others will know her for stateside at least is Pretty Little Liars which is set to show its last half season this year. I love PLL it is a guilty pleasure that is short on answers and long on the leads making very questionable decisions but somehow it all works. Tammin is great in it and I hope she transitions to solid projects in the future, check out her photo gallery below and then stay for the Social Media.

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