Jessica Sipos Is Just Sooooo

Pretty, gorgeous? Sometimes I just don’t have the proper words. Anyway Jessica Sipos is a Canadian actress of Croatian descent who I first saw in Syfy Miniseries Ascension which was incredibly weird as shows go. Definitely worth checking out if you can get access to it, looking back it felt like an extended pilot to see if it would work as a show but that never happened.

She next popped up in my favourite Sci-Fi show Dark Matter in what turned out to be a recurring role and then just this week I was watching her on another show, horror series Slasher which is another show I’d definitely recommend.

So that is how I became aware of the gorgeous and talented actress, you can check out photos below.

You can follow Jessica Sipos (not pronounced like it looks) on

Twitter – @JessicaRSipos

Shares. RTs. Definitely Appreciated.



Erin Karpluk Is Cute

Erin Karpluk is seriously cute ask anyone who watched Being Erica. That show was great but I did not get the chance to finish it as god knows where the UK broadcast rights went. I most recently saw her in Riftworld Chroincles.

You can follow her on the following Social Media:

Twitter: @ErinKarpluk

Instagram: @ErinKarpluk

Autumn Reeser Is Awesome

I was late to the Autumn Reeser party apparently she was a fairly big deal on the OC but I think that happened after I stopped watching the show which was a shame for me.

I came to “hear” her on the Thrilling Adventure Hour but also saw her doing her thing before on No Ordinary Family, Last Resort and an interesting turn on Smokin’ Aces II.

Check out a gallery featuring the American actress below.

You can follow Autumn Reeser on the following Social Media

@AutumnReeser on Twitter

Elizabeth Whitson Is a Statuesque Beauty

Sorry nothing too snappy for the title this time just a statement of how I see things. Elizabeth Whitson appeared in a season long arc on MTV’s Awkward which looking back on it was SUPER dark. Still Whitson was gorgeous and it is clear to see that she made the crossover from modelling to acting. So go check her out below and go look up some of her YouTube videos you will not be disappointed.

She doesn’t have public Social Media so I guess I would advise looking her up on IMDB for projects. Have a good Wednesday.

Amber Stevens West Is Absolutely Gorgeous

Amber Stevens has popped up on my radar from time to time in a few different shows like Greek and Criminal Minds which is where I particularly know her from. So go check out some of her pictures below then stay for her Social Media. A quick post today as I have to get ready for a job interview, wish me luck.

You can follow Amber Stevens West on:

@AmberoniStevens on Twitter

@AmberoniStevensWest on Instagram


Dora Madison Is Delightful

I am sometimes lucky enough to meet the stars from popular shows but I think Dora Madison might make me go all starry eyed and fumble my usually insightful questions. Just something seriously cute about her exotic look which made her turn on Star-Crossed on the CW so interesting. She also appeared on Dexter near the end of that shows run. Anyway enough of me yapping let’s check out the photos below.

You can follow Dora Madison on the following Social Media

Instagram @iambanditamoonshine

Twitter @DoraMadison


Abigail Spencer Is Awesome

Sorry Star Gazers for us being missing last week just had to many things to get done before this. I’ll try my best not to have it happen again and have some stored about stars so if I’m away the feed doesn’t stop posting.

Anyway on to the subject of today’s post Abigail Spencer, an actress I have seen on my screens off and on for over 10 years starting with Angela’s Eyes. Suits was the next thing I saw her in before I stopped watching that show because it is so depressing. She’s been lately on my screen though in NBC’s Timeless, which got cancelled and then uncancelled which is pretty cool for me because for me it is a cheesy Sci-Fi guilty pleasure.

Have a look at the gorgeous Abigail Spencer below and then stay for her Social Media.

Twitter: @AbigailSpencer