Lauren Lee Smith Is Lovely

Lauren Lee Smith has been my radar for around 15 years, which is crazy right? I remember her fondly from Mutant X which was cheesy action fun with vague Marvel branding which when you look at the plot and the lore of the show made little to no sense.

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Jessica Sipos Is Just Sooooo

Pretty, gorgeous? Sometimes I just don’t have the proper words. Anyway Jessica Sipos is a Canadian actress of Croatian descent who I first saw in Syfy Miniseries Ascension which was incredibly weird as shows go. Definitely worth checking out if you can get access to it, looking back it felt like an extended pilot to see if it would work as a show but that never happened.

She next popped up in my favourite Sci-Fi show Dark MatterĀ in what turned out to be a recurring role and then just this week I was watching her on another show, horror series Slasher which is another show I’d definitely recommend.

So that is how I became aware of the gorgeous and talented actress, you can check out photos below.

You can follow Jessica Sipos (not pronounced like it looks) on

Twitter – @JessicaRSipos

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