Emma Ishta Is Exceptional

I’ll be honest with you ladies and gentleman, Stitchers on Freeform sold me on the inclusion of Allison Scagliotti in a major role in a Science Fiction show. I didn’t know if it would be any good or if it would even finish out its run but with Scagliotti on board I was going to give the show a chance.

The 1st few episodes left me wondering what I had got myself into but there was one thing that was clear the star Emma Ishtar is breathtakingly gorgeous I mean the sort of thing that makes you sit up and pay attention to the point of breaking you out of the moment and having you think more about the actress than the show.

That’s certainly down to me and not the show which after seeing two seasons is definitely worth watching if you like your Sci-Fi with a little YA flavouring mixed in, lots of perfect looking young people as well as the ‘adults’ of the cast, good grief have you seen Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Black don’t crack). Anyway we’re only talking about one gorgeous cast member today and that is Emma Ishtar who is Australian by the way (that accent seems pretty good on the show to me but then I’m not American) check out the photos below and then stay for Social Media contacts.

Quelle Surpise!!! She used to be a runway model. Anyway if you want to follow Emma Ishta Model turned Actress:

Twitter: @EmmaIshta

Instagram: @EmmaIshta



Alycia Debnam-Carey Is Incredible

I remember when CW’s The 100 was a little known show that was very much in danger of getting cancelled and then the whole Clexa thing really took off in a huge way on Social Media. A lot of that was down to Alycia Debnam-Carey’s Lexa despite the way she often betrayed and screwed over the Sky Cru the fans loved her you could get lost in all the posts on Tumblr about it. Then when the last season finally came out after an extended delay we saw how the Clexa situation was resolved and the Internet went a tiny bit crazy.

Still for fans of Debnam-Carey herself you can still check out out on Fear The Walking Dead.

You can follow Alycia Debnam-Carey on Twitter and Instagram

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Gigi Edgley Is Gorgeous

Now that I have started going to convention (something I wish I had started earlier) Gigi Edgley is definitely one of the actors I hope to see at an event. I follow her on instagram and see her doing the convention circuit like a champ always seeming courteous to the fans out there and the fans seem to love her for it.

As the headline states I also find her aesthetically pleasing but it is not just that I think Edgley’s run as the seductive and carefree Chiana on Farscape taught a lot of guys and girls that maybe they were kinkier than they first thought apparently it is not just Captain Kirk who is into aliens with interesting colouring.

Check out her pictures below


10831873_379942862181869_1068474894_n 11085196_1377476952580084_343901083_n

gigi-edgley (1)


Also you might maybe want to look up Edgley’s time on the Australian show Stingers for… Science reasons.

You can follow Gigi Edgley on Twitter @GigiEdgley and Instagram @thegigiedgley

Sharni Vinson Sizzles

Sharni Vinson is one of the host of actresses who managed to transcend successful runs on either one of Australia’s best known soap exports Home And Away and Neighbours.More than a few seemingly promising careers have begun and ended with extended runs on either of those shows but Sharni has gone on to star in an instalment of the Step Up series and the Aussie B movie Bait which I would definitely recommend.

I am keeping an eye on her career and although it hasn’t reached the sustained heights of Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin who just seem to move from appearance in from one top rated teen show to the next I’m hoping she is going to be on our screens for a little longer.

Check out some pictures of Sharni below.

sharni vinson 03 sharni vinson 04 sharni_vinson_bikini_c6dahEq sharni_vinson_bikini_TPrx4rM

You can find her Official Twitter here

Awesome Aussie: Eliza Taylor

The 100 is the CW’s success story this year which came out of nowhere for me as I expected (or hoped) that The Tomorrow People would be the one to make it to a second season. The 100 (pronounced The Hundred, I looked it up) is actually a well written show that is surprisingly violent in parts and doesn’t sugar coat the decisions of the characters something that is all too rare in a lot of shows currently.

The other thing the 100 does is blind us with ridiculously pretty people both male and female. One of those pretty people is Eliza Taylor who is an Australian Actress who used to be on Neighbours, which means something to the Brits and Aussies reading but perhaps not to others. Check out some pictures of the gorgeous actress below.

D63A33C29D1062916497279770624_1.4.4.13711483515292846822.mp4 eliza_taylor_cotter_neighbours_9csUz1u eliza-taylor-cotter-362320 hh9uqm01 the-100-eliza-taylor-blog


You can follow her on Twitter @MisElizaJane