Jessica Lu Is Just Lovely

I’ve been doing this for a few years now so I actually have to check which actresses I have and have not featured. I had assumed that I had already spoken of Jessica Lu’s beauty much earlier than this. First saw her on MTV’s Awkward which is just full of gorgeous and talented women but a little hard to watch at times.

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Elizabeth Whitson Is a Statuesque Beauty

Sorry nothing too snappy for the title this time just a statement of how I see things. Elizabeth Whitson appeared in a season long arc on MTV’s Awkward which looking back on it was SUPER dark. Still Whitson was gorgeous and it is clear to see that she made the crossover from modelling to acting. So go check her out below and go look up some of her YouTube videos you will not be disappointed.

She doesn’t have public Social Media so I guess I would advise looking her up on IMDB for projects. Have a good Wednesday.

Molly Tarlov Is Mesmerising

There are many wonderful things about Awkward although the show always inconsistent to me. There was no end of interesting characters and very beautiful actresses. Molly Tarlov comes under both of those with her character Sadie is only 2nd to Jillian Rose Reed’s Tamara.

So sit back and check out some photos of her below they were not as easy to track down as some of her co-stars 😦

You can follow Molly Tarlov on the following Social Media.

Twitter: @MollyTarlov

Instagram: @Molly Tarlov

Greer Grammer Is Great!

Greer Grammer is a stone cold hottie. I wasn’t surprised when I did some research and found out that she was a beauty queen. She is definitely one of the highlights of the MTV show Awkward where she plays Lissa.

I think her photos speak for themselves thank goodness she attends so many red carpet events.

Greer Grammer is on Instagram @Greer_Grammer you can find her on Twitter @Greer_Grammer

Hannah Marks Is Hot

Hannah Marks is probably best known for Necessary Roughness I saw her on Awkward as Whorier Gloria who had a fairly important part in the recent arc that lead up to the beginning of this second half of the season.


I looked through her IMDB and was surprised to discover that she was in three episodes of Flash Forward which was excellent for the first half of the season then fell to pieces after a 4 month hiatus when everyone forgot why they watched it in the first place.

She was also in Weeds which was a great show that I only got to watch from time to time, Weeds also featured a young Jillian Rose Reed (Tamara). Anyway let’s move on to the pictures shall we.

1d2ce5ae090d11e289de22000a1cf722_7 Hannah Marks 02 Hannah Marks 03 hannah_marks_regard_magazine_shoot_IbhfRml hannah_marks_regard_magazine_shoot_LsjA4e1 hannah_marks_regard_magazine_shoot_ph6nnME hannah_marks_regard_magazine_shoot_Scd7dcM

You can follow Hannah on @hannahmarks on Twitter and @hannahgmarks on Instagram

Haley Lu Richardson is HAWT

Haley Lu Richardson was one of the best things about Ravenswood a show that I will be honest about in that I thought it made no sense other than ruthless commercialism to try and link it to Pretty Little Liars when in reality there was no link there. Between that and the whole making Caleb dump Hannah thing it was just silly.

Haley though was interesting as a best friend of one of the cursed central group of friends. In the end she just turned out to be a typical teenager and not someone in on the supernatural conspiracy, and she was HOT.

I then noticed her in a disaster film (of which I watch a lot) by the name of F6 Twister (aka Christmas Twister) with Casper Van Dien which if you like those sorts of movies is more than worth a watch. Anyway enough chitchat onto the images.

Awkward Haley Lu Richardson tumblr_n2r3ujDnCC1sh3xdwo1_1280 Portrait_Photograph_of_Haley_Lu_Richardson Haley Lu Richardson 52676616090712 Haley Lu Richardson

You can follow Haley on Twitter @HaleyLuhoo

You can currently catch Haley on MTV’s Awkward