Parveen Kaur Is Pretty

Parveen Kaur is an actress who recurs on this little show I watch called Beyond from Freeform.


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Emeraude Toubia Is Elegant

And that is not just about that rather cool name of hers. If you’re not watching Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments in which she stars I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is a huge step forward in the teen supernatural stable of storytelling. The actors are all solid and the show is engaging and this comes from someone who didn’t read the books, though I did read “The Infernal Devices”. Go check her out in this show she’s magnetic. Let’s check out some photos below.

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Niki Koss Seems Nice To Me

The character she plays on Freeform’s Famous In Love, Alexis is not. I’ve only started watching but she definitely falls into the QBIC mold with hints of maybe a nicer side. The Freeform show is worth watching and I can say that putting aside my instant crush on Niki Koss and actually looking at the show itself. It is a rare example of a YA book that translates easily to the screen (most books have to be really be worked on and changed before they work). So I think that’s enough from your boy so let’s get down to the photos and then stay for Social Media information.

You can follow Niki Koss on the following Social Media.

Twitter: @NikiKoss

Zelda Williams Is Wonderful

Zelda Williams does a lot of cool stuff, though I have only seen her stuff recently. Not sure from memory but IMDB tells me the first thing I saw her in was MTV’s Teen Wolf and then she went on to voice big bad Kuvira in The Legend of Korra. 

I got to see her in a starring role in Freeform’s short lived Dead of Summer in a really strong role but the show itself suffered a few problems. Still as a one and done season it is definitely worth checking out.

Check out below if you want to see more.

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Kaitlyn Leeb Is Crush Worthy

Kaitlyn Leeb is an interesting addition to our blog. Best known for starring as Vampire Queen Camille in Freeform’s adaption of Shadowhunters once I went through her resume I realised she was in several shows and films on my ‘seen’ list.

Starting with The L.A. Complex, then Love Me which starred fellow Everyone Loves alumni Lindsey Shaw, Bitten the Canadian adaption of another supernatural book series and finally a cheesy werewolf film called Wolves which starred the new Macgyver, one Lucas Till.

Now you know that bit of random trivia let’s go on to some photos of the exotic actress.

Kaitlyn Leeb Social Media Links:

Twitter: @Kaitdubz


Emma Ishta Is Exceptional

I’ll be honest with you ladies and gentleman, Stitchers on Freeform sold me on the inclusion of Allison Scagliotti in a major role in a Science Fiction show. I didn’t know if it would be any good or if it would even finish out its run but with Scagliotti on board I was going to give the show a chance.

The 1st few episodes left me wondering what I had got myself into but there was one thing that was clear the star Emma Ishtar is breathtakingly gorgeous I mean the sort of thing that makes you sit up and pay attention to the point of breaking you out of the moment and having you think more about the actress than the show.

That’s certainly down to me and not the show which after seeing two seasons is definitely worth watching if you like your Sci-Fi with a little YA flavouring mixed in, lots of perfect looking young people as well as the ‘adults’ of the cast, good grief have you seen Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Black don’t crack). Anyway we’re only talking about one gorgeous cast member today and that is Emma Ishtar who is Australian by the way (that accent seems pretty good on the show to me but then I’m not American) check out the photos below and then stay for Social Media contacts.

Quelle Surpise!!! She used to be a runway model. Anyway if you want to follow Emma Ishta Model turned Actress:

Twitter: @EmmaIshta

Instagram: @EmmaIshta