Victoria Moroles Seems Very Nice

I certainly don’t know her but as a member of MTV Teen Wolf cast she did a fair amount of publicity to promote the show and always came over well.


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Elizabeth Whitson Is a Statuesque Beauty

Sorry nothing too snappy for the title this time just a statement of how I see things. Elizabeth Whitson appeared in a season long arc on MTV’s Awkward which looking back on it was SUPER dark. Still Whitson was gorgeous and it is clear to see that she made the crossover from modelling to acting. So go check her out below and go look up some of her YouTube videos you will not be disappointed.

She doesn’t have public Social Media so I guess I would advise looking her up on IMDB for projects. Have a good Wednesday.

Zelda Williams Is Wonderful

Zelda Williams does a lot of cool stuff, though I have only seen her stuff recently. Not sure from memory but IMDB tells me the first thing I saw her in was MTV’s Teen Wolf and then she went on to voice big bad Kuvira in The Legend of Korra. 

I got to see her in a starring role in Freeform’s short lived Dead of Summer in a really strong role but the show itself suffered a few problems. Still as a one and done season it is definitely worth checking out.

Check out below if you want to see more.

You can follow Zelda Williams on the following Social Media

Twitter: @ZeldaWilliams

Instagram: @ZeldaWilliams

Bex Taylor-Klaus Is Badass

Well at least she plays pretty Badass women on TV and I can certainly get behind that idea. I had to check with my old friend IMDB which let me know that I first saw her on Arrow, though she recurred on House of Lies apparently after I stopped watching that show.

Anyway even with her amazing run on Arrow it is MTV’s Scream: The TV Series that gave her a starring role in an ensemble piece. If you’ve not seen it I would describe Scream as like PLL but with actual payoff and better writing. Anyway you’re not here for my TV reviews you’re here for photos and also Social Media contacts.

You can follow Bex Taylor-Klaus.

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Molly Tarlov Is Mesmerising

There are many wonderful things about Awkward although the show always inconsistent to me. There was no end of interesting characters and very beautiful actresses. Molly Tarlov comes under both of those with her character Sadie is only 2nd to Jillian Rose Reed’s Tamara.

So sit back and check out some photos of her below they were not as easy to track down as some of her co-stars 😦

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Greer Grammer Is Great!

Greer Grammer is a stone cold hottie. I wasn’t surprised when I did some research and found out that she was a beauty queen. She is definitely one of the highlights of the MTV show Awkward where she plays Lissa.

I think her photos speak for themselves thank goodness she attends so many red carpet events.

Greer Grammer is on Instagram @Greer_Grammer you can find her on Twitter @Greer_Grammer

Holland Roden Is Ravishing

Teen Wolf came out of nowhere for me, it was a show I really wasn’t expecting much given its lineage and this massive change they were making but the show went on to become one of my favourites.

Holland Roden was a big part of that she played a nuanced teenager in a show that spent a lot of time in High School, you know how unlikely that is. All too often those shows are just about labels, the hot one, the smart one, the bitchy one etc. for both boys and girls within the school but Jeff Davis did something more with the characters on Teen Wolf.

Holland also brought a hell of a lot to it and I would recommend that show to fans of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, check out some pictures of the alluring and talented redhead below.

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Holland Roden==Elle Magazine And Sarah Hyland Hosts Songbirds MISS ME Album Release==Sunset Marquis Hotel, Los Angeles, Ca==August 09, 2012==©Patrick McMullan==Photo Ð ANDREAS BRANCH/

holland-roden_2015-09-23_courtney-dailey-photoshoot_6 holland-roden-0a

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