Dora Madison Is Delightful

I am sometimes lucky enough to meet the stars from popular shows but I think Dora Madison might make me go all starry eyed and fumble my usually insightful questions. Just something seriously cute about her exotic look which made her turn on Star-Crossed on the CW so interesting. She also appeared on Dexter near the end of that shows run. Anyway enough of me yapping let’s check out the photos below.

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Brina Palencia is a Beauty

With very interesting eyes. The star of the sadly cancelled Star-Crossed is also a very popular voice artist for a wide range of anime which I’m not going to go into here go check out her IMDB if you want I only became aware of her on Star-Crossed and recently saw her in the Comedy Horror Ghost of Goodnight Lane. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you like your horror cheesy. Anyway onto the images.

6e13bdfb-c88c-4055-a4d5-1f11b97fa7dd-medium "Divergent" - Los Angeles Premiere Brina Palencia 03 brinaFI Brina Palencia 02 starcrossedtv_brinapalencia_photoshoots_session001_001