Courtney Ford Is Cute

Courtney Ford is that actor I saw in things every now and then but never managed to see her in a starring or recurring role of note, still she’s had quite the career and in recent years I’ve definitely taken more notice especially of those amazing eyes.


Check out some of her photos below.

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Madelaine Petsch Is Majorly Awesome

Madelaine Petsch is an awesome example of ensuring that you don’t identify an actress with a character she plays too closely. Though to be fair I’d hit on Cheryl Blossom if given the chance. If you don’t know that Petsch stars in Riverdale as Queen B in Charge Cheryl Blossom of THE Riverdale Blossoms then you should get in the know and go watch that show on the CW now. I don’t get how she has only just appeared but I expect lots of good things from her.

You can follow Madelaine Petsch on the following Social Media:

Twitter: @MadelainePetsch

Instagram: @Madelame


Violett Beane Is Gorgeous

I’m a fan of the Arrowverse and SupergirlĀ if you weren’t already aware so I was always going to get to a few of the wonderfully talented actresses that appear in those shows. In The Flash she plays Jesse Wells aka Jesse Quick because as Harry states she’s smarter than he is.

Yes the Arrowverse can be a little ham fisted with getting in DC superhero and supervillain names for the sake of creating buzz but in this case (if you were interested) it looks like they are following through the introduction of a female speedster who might make it past an episode.


Anyway you don’t come here for CW news that would be weird so check out some photos of the young actress below and then stay for her Social Media links.

You can follow Violett Beane on:

Twitter: @ViolettBeane

Instagram: @ViolettBeane