Genevieve Buechner Is Beautiful

Genevieve Buechner is beautiful she has that model look which you surprisingly don’t see a great deal of in dedicated actresses. I first saw her on the ill-fated Caprica the Battlestar Galactica prequel and tried to follow her career since then.


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Stephanie Bennett Is Stunning

Stephanie Bennett is a Canadian actress who manages to move chameleon like from role to role. I was watching The Julius  House – Aurora Teagarden, an adaption of one of my favourite murder mystery books and went on to IMDB to see who this stunning actress was.


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Johanna Braddy Is Beautiful

This week is all about Video Game High School (seriously WATCH IT) star the talented Johanna Braddy. VGHS was the first thing I saw her in but looking through her IMDB page shows that the Atlanta born actress has been prolific with an acting career that spans 13 years.


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