Allison Scagliotti Is Amazing

There is no doubting that Allison Scagliotti is a very attractive and talented actress but there is some special something that leaves me a little weak in the knees when watching her stuff which in my case was her run on Warehouse 13.

IMG_3545 Allison_Scagliotti_by_Gage_Skidmore Allison+Scagliotti+seen+leaving+hotel+New+nl9DB9a9Xiqx allison-scagliotti-3 post-49362-allison-scagliotti-hot-ass-tig-gO9S

I am on the lookout for her newer stuff but have not found anything as of yet. If any of you have any suggestions for TV shows or films that Allison has appeared in then I’d appreciate a heads up in the comments.

Also does anyone else think that Allison has the sexiest voice ever? Just me? Don’t care it is awesome. Like liquid gold.

You can follow Allison on her twitter


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